Integrated services

APEX FBO borders Nantong xingdong airport. The service and operation center is in Yangtze river delta, including Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai city.  Its services cover all area of China and major cities of Asia.  Being benefited from rich resource and the MRO of CCAR-145, APEX offers ‘one-stop’ management services.  In addition, APEX grants the highest level of maintenance capability approval of all family of Bombardier business jet, and be able to provides services from conceptual design, engineering design, construction installation to types obtainment. At the same time, APEX has large hanger which can shelter 8 business aircrafts simultaneously, and offer services including custody, inspection and maintenance. APEX FBO enjoys excellent hardware, like independent security line and VIP lounge. The superior BJ cloud operation management system will also guard you wonderful flight and ground services.


APEXAIR is the only business aviation enterprise in China operating MRO facilities of CCAR-145 to provide overhaul services, line maintenance services, interior maintenance/upgrading and structure modification/revamping in accordance with CAAC, FAA and EASA standards.  APEXAIR grants the highest level of maintenance capability approval of all family of Bombardier business jet.  At Nantong airport, we build a 16,000-square-meter hanger and subsidiary facilities which can handle maintenance work on 8 business jets simultaneously.



APEXAIR establishes a team with professional skills as agent to handle flight support service.  The team provides support services including flight service, ground handling service, and arrangement for clients and crew.

Flight services: Depending on your needs and through our professional pipelines, we may provide operational support for flights. Our professional team can provide you with a flight route plan by using sophisticated system and make file submissions to Air Traffic Control Agencies or airport usage permit or all the latest weather information or forecasts needed for flights.

Ground support: APEXAIR can provide a full-range service: maintenance support, catering arrangement,  aircraft fueling and cleaning.

VIPs and crew services: We can arrange ground services and escort passengers and crew smoothly through the airport terminal before departure and after arrival in an international or domestic flight. Also we can provide hotel and courtesy car arrangement, ground traffic in the airport, VIP channel arrangement, VIP pick up and VIP lounge.



Riding on the advantage of main operating base, Nantong xindong airport location advantage and the airspace, as well as company’s hardware and software, Apex can provide pilot training, maintenance personnel training and cabin crew training services.

  1. Pilot training: NanTong Xingdong airport, APEXAIR’s main operating base, is the major training airport in East China. Senior instructors of Apex can provide all-inclusive training services to other business jet operators, with its own fleet.
  2. Maintenance personnel training: The MRO of Apex has the CCAR-147 training qualification and we can provide courses on CCAR-147 training. The training will include basic licensing, basic maintenance skills, aircraft model identification and other aviation maintenance topics.
  3. Cabin crew training: Through the cooperation with international business jet companies, Apex introduces the world-class services via trainings to cabin crews, which include basic quality to catering in cabin.


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