Bombardier Challenger CL850
Bombardier Challenger 850 is a unique business jet which is renowned of having one of the largest corporate cabins available today. CL850 is developed from the Bombardier CRJ200 regional airliner. The cabin space is 41% more comparing to rival’s business jet of similar class. CL850 is equipped with two GE CF34-3B1 turbofan engines with maximum thrust reaching to 8,729 pounds. The systems and technologies applied in cockpit can provide precise flight control and management during the journey and comfortable environment for passengers. CL850 can also reduce the level of noise experienced in cabin and smoothen the disturbance occurred in change of speed by applying engines synchronization. With non-stop range of 5,000km and high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80, CL850 can reach every city in Asia by departing from Shanghai or Beijing.

With over 80 million flight-hours accumulated by its CF34 engine family, CL850 is proven to be one of the most famous business jets around the world for its outstanding performance reliability. There is more than a thousand of same type of regional airliner serving globally.
CL 850 – 24 seat version
No. of seat : 24
Range: 4000 km
Flight time: 5 hours
Speed: 850 km/h
Cabin length: 17.46 meter
Cabin height: 1.85 meter
Cabin width: 2.49 meter
Maximum payload of luggage: 6.48 cubic meters
Maximum payload of luggage: 1227kg
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